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I have been making musical instruments for over 30 years. I have dedicated my life and love for musical instruments especially Vietnamese. I am regarded by professional musicians as a dedicated and fair luthier.​


Through hard work, I have earnt the respect and credibility within the musical instrument industry. My achievements were not just earnt through the high standards in my musical instruments, but more my love, effort, and generosity in understanding the customers, workers, and professional musicians.


​I started out my career making wooden artefacts ranging from miniature wood arts to house hold furniture. At a young age, growing up without my parents, my grandparents taught and guided me into hand making wooden instruments. I became very skilful with hand crafting wooden instruments and begun hand making zithers and guitars. I was poor and at the time made very little profit but my love for show casing my work to musicians was enough for me to persist through my job. ​​


Soon I became popular. But to most people’s surprise, the attention I received happened after three decades. I begun making musical instruments in my own workshop and then opened my retail shop in 2000 and begun selling musical instruments directly to my customers. I know have two stores located at 17 & 105  Nguyen Thien Thuat St

For me to hand make musical instruments including guitars was itself a dream of mine because I was one of a handful of luthiers on Nguyen Thien Thuat St to own a workshop.


​​I have always endeavoured Vietnamese music and instruments, and as I became more aware of its beauty, I became inspired to pass my experience and wisdom down to the younger generation. The one lesson I give to all my workers is to feel the love and character when making quality, soulful musical instruments. 


I am continually creating more designs to impress the modern era of guitarist and musicians. I am also taking on board orders for hand making custom acoustic guitars and zithers from people in Vietnam and around the world.


​Today, a lot of people will say I am very successful in business, and in life. I would agree with this, but this fact did not happened overnight. It took me a lifetime of dedication, hard work, devotion, and sacrifice to achieve this great success. is an insight to my lifetime work. I hope you enjoy not only the video interviews and photo galleries, but also the traditional Vietnamese instruments being shown. Thank you.

- Luthier Thanh

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